Alt & Witzig Engineering, Inc.

Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Services, Construction Quality Control


Alt & Witzig Engineering provides a variety of services from construction inspection and materials testing, to geotechnical investigation and drilling services, as well as environmental testing.

Construction Inspection and Materials Testing

The key to a high-quality inspection and testing program for any project is the performance of the senior engineering technician. Alt & Witzig senior engineering technicians are self-motivated, experienced and technically knowledgeable individuals. Whether you are testing concrete, foundations, soil compaction, asphalt, or structural steel, Alt & Witzig will provide the construction quality control necessary for your project to succeed.

Alt & Witzig technicians are available to provide testing and inspection services on your schedule. Prompt response is possible because each technician is equipped with one of our fleet vehicles and the necessary tools to meet your inspection needs.
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Alt & Witzig Engineering offers a complete range of geotechnical services including in-house drilling services, field explorations, laboratory analysis, and engineering evaluations. Our mission is to provide cost-effective and structurally sound recommendations in a timely manner. Our clients include various individuals from the private industry along with local and state government departments.

Our Geotechnical engineering staff is comprised of talented professionals who exhibit a broad range of capabilities. Our talents and experience allow us to evaluate multiple solutions to meet your needs.
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Alt & Witzig’s Environmental Services Division provides a wide spectrum of services to the needs of industry. Our experience in the consulting industry enables us to provide quality services while remaining cost-effective.
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