Alt & Witzig Engineering, Inc.

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ATV RigSince our inception in 1976, Alt & Witzig has been committed to providing you with high quality, cost-efficient drilling services. It is our belief that by offering these services in-house rather than subcontracting, our staff have greater control over field data collection, cost management and scheduling. The result is a superior product for you.

The success of our drilling operations can be directly attributed to the commitment and experience of our drilling personnel.

Alt & Witzig’s level of drilling experience is unmatched in the State of Indiana. We currently own and operate 15 rotary and direct push rigs. Our fleet includes truck-mounted rigs, ATV-mount, track-mount, skid-mount, and handheld equipment. Our rigs are fully equipped to perform a wide variety of services such as large-diameter hollow-stem augering, and conventional rock coring, and direct-push soil sampling.

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